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Say kids, what time is it? It's Howdy Doody Time! Welcome to our gifts and collectibles website honoring our favorite TV marionette.

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Howdy Doody is an American TV legend. More famous than many real actors. More loveable too.

The most popular and famous kids TV show of the 50s, Howdy Doody and his supporting cast of characters - and of course Buffalo Bob, entertained for over a decade.

Always the good guy, Howdy Doody was a fun-loving character, always full of energy, that set a wonderful example for those growing up in a simpler time.

Here you will everything from photos and DVDs to toys and dolls to comic books and costumes to puppets and watches.

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Need a gift idea for your favorite Howdy Doody fan? (By the way, is that you?)

Consider these unique and wonderful ideas:
- DVDs. Relieve the Howdy Doody Show anytime you want. Probably on a bigger TV!

- Howdy Doody lunch boxes. Not for children, these colorful boxes will take you back. Back to a younger time.

- A watch, clock or doll. These are real collectors items mean to be valued, preserved, and passed on to the next generation.

- And everyone needs Howdy Doody shirt.. What fun. Everyone has heard of Howdy Doody. Just wearing him makes you look like a fun person.
The freckled Howdy Doody can live forever in your heart. And now your home.

Find yourself back in Doodyville with Phineas T. Bluster. Dilly Dally. And Flub-a-dub. What great names for characters.

Buffalo Bob brought Howdy Doody to life. There are times when you forgot he was a string pulled marionette.

Born in 1947, Howdy Doody lived in our homes until 1960.

They sure don't make shows like the Howdy Doody Show anymore. Nor do they make many collectibles. Real treasures. These gifts can be hard to find. Enjoy!