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Howdy Doody Clocks

Without a clock, how will you know when it's Howdy Doody time?

One of the more expensive clocks you will see is the Howdy Doody Clock-a-Doodle. It was made by Bandai in the 1950s.

Clock is not meant to keep real time but is still a lot of fun. More of a toy than a real clock. Howdy Doody swings away while Flub-A-Dub moves up and down, a bell rings and the hands of the clock rotate. This tin lithograph Wind-up toy was designed to look like a tree house with a large cuckoo clock on top of the platform.

This talking alarm clock features Howdy Doody and Clarabelle. Wake up to Howdy Doody saying: Honk Honk,Its Howdy Doody Time! So please wake up smile and shine. Clarabelle blow your horn, blow it now its early morn, Honk Honk. We all hate getting out of bed, and our Clarabelles a sleepy head, but rising is easy for one and all when you hear Howdy Doody call!

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Vintage Kagran Corp. Howdy Doody Clock-A-Doodle. With Box!! NICE

Buffalo Bob Neon Aluminum 20" Wall Clock Made USA 1 Yr Warranty New

BUFFALO BOB Neon Aluminum 20" Wall Clock Made USA


Howdy Doody 40th Anniversary Wall Clock 1987. Item Works!!!!!

Howdy Doody Alarm Clock w/Box by Janex Vintage 1974 Not Working

Vintage 1974 Howdy Doody & Clarabell the Clown Talking Alarm Clock

Unique Howdy Doody Promotional Clock 40-Year Celebration Media Press Promo

1955 PAPER AD 4 PG Grebar Toy Co Howdy Doody Time Clock Buttons Clown Music Hall


It's Howdy Doody Time Wristwatch SHAPED Wall Clock 40th Anniversary 1987

New Howdy Doody Clock listed on! Get this Howdy Doody Clock before others find it.
Howdy Doody Vintage 1950's Kellogg's Rice Krispies Marshmellow Wall Clock Time

New Howdy Doody Clock listed on! Get this Howdy Doody Clock before others find it.
Howdy Doody Vintage Working Wall Clock What Time Is It Kids